Your pastor loves you.

They may not tell you often enough, but they highly value the time and effort that you put in to your tech support ministry.

When asked, they will say that all they want is for the sound system to work properly each service.

They have enough on their mind as they approach the service, and they don’t need to be distracted by a different sound system problem each week.

It’s that inconsistency that troubles them.

“Why can’t it just work right every time?”

Yes, sometimes things just happen.

But that goal of consistent sound quality is not only achievable, it's frankly easy to accomplish once you understand a few key principles.

Hi, my name is Curt Taipale. I'm the founder of, contributing author to Yamaha’s "Guide to Sound Systems for Worship", author of "The Heart of Technical Excellence", recording engineer for multiple Integrity! Hosanna projects, and creator of the church sound training series called the Church Sound Boot Camp.

During my career I've experienced the pro audio industry from every perspective - professional musician, recording engineer, live sound engineer, Audio Director and Technical Director in three churches, AV integrator, and as a consultant designing AVL systems and room acoustics.

I've discovered that the sound issues that most churches deal with have less to do with equipment and more to do with a need to train the sound operators.

Well, I have good news for you.

We have a course waiting for you online that is filled to overflowing with the techniques, concepts and knowledge that each sound tech must understand in order to master the sound system in their church.

During our time together we will examine, discuss and demonstrate how to use every component of a sound system – the right way!

Our goal is to instill in you the confidence of knowing not only HOW to make improvements to your sound, but WHY you’re taking each of those steps.

We have taught literally thousands of church sound team volunteers, technical staff, worship pastors and musicians how to get the best sound quality from the gear they already have.

Now it’s YOUR turn.

You're going to enjoy doing sound more than you ever imagined.


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"Thanks. We will be sending our sound guy again. When he returned from the first class he immediately changed our sound in a good way. Even members of our church were commenting on how great it sounded. I'm excited for the next level." – Oklahoma City

"I wanted to say thank you for the magnificent training you gave. The seminar was top-notch. The clarity with which you taught was especially beneficial to me. Tech smarts do not necessarily imply teaching smarts." – Margaret

"Great class, very informative. Already putting the info to use." – Ed

"If you are involved in your church as part of the sound team, this is an invaluable class even if you think you know everything you need to about sound."

"Great refresher for me and a lot of tips to try in my church. God Bless you all!" – Wilfredo

"If you have a heart for technical excellence, then you need to invest in training that will help to achieve it. As iron sharpens iron, your time with Curt and the other attendees will sharpen your knowledge and abilities far beyond what they currently are and allow you to help others as well."

"Thanks Curt. Your production exceeded my expectations. Nothing like demonstration of examples to bring a concept home! The pace was quick. But allot of topical breadth! Thank you again - good instructor." – Richmond, VA

"Learning so much about how sound works gave me the confidence to learn much more about how to use the soundboard at our church. Among other things, we have virtually eliminated all sound feedback issues. Our pastors and members appreciate how much better and more reliable the sound is every Sunday morning." – Greensboro, GA

"Worth going for sure. It was a great way for our tech team to refocus some goals. Another reason to go is to socialize with other sound techs and hear what they are doing and what will work and what doesn't."


The Church Sound Boot Camp builds on your current understanding of all things audio and takes you to the next level of technical excellence. Study in the comfort of your own home, office or church.


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